Student Loan Repayment Services

Following a ruling from the Supreme Court that blocked President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, the Biden Administration announced multiple steps to ease the burden placed on borrowers. You can find more information on those actions here.


Student loan interest will resume starting on Sept. 1, 2023 and payments will be due starting in October. The Department of Education expects to notify borrowers before repayment starts. The most up-to-date information will be available on

The Department of Education has provided the following four steps borrowers can take to prepare for payments to resume:

  1. Update your contact information in your profile on your loan servicers website and in your profile.
  2. Review your auto-debt enrollment or sign up for the first time. To do so, log in to your loan servicer’s website or contact your loan servicer directly.
  3. Check out Loan Simulator to find a repayment plan that meets your needs and goals or to decide whether to consolidate.
  4. Consider applying for an income-drive repayment (IDR) plan. An IDR plan can make your payments more affordable, depending on your income and family size. can also help you confirm your payment amounts and due dates, and provides an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information, visit the Department of Education’s website on 6 Ways to Prepare for Student Loan Repayment to Begin Again.


In an effort to ease the burden on borrowers as payments resume, the Biden Administration has announced a new Saving on a Valuable Education Plan to replace the existing Revised Pay As You Earn Plan. Borrowers on the REPAYE Plan will automatically get the benefits of the new SAVE Plan.

The SAVE Plan, like other income-driven repayment (IDR) plans, calculates your monthly payment amount based on your income and family size. The SAVE Plan provides the lowest monthly payments of any IDR plan available to nearly all student borrowers.

You can find more information on the SAVE Plan here.